Channapattana, “The City of Dolls” nestled in Karnataka, offers a delightful spectacle. Numerous shops bejewelled with vibrant-hued dolls paint the lively streets, and at the forefront stands Bharath Art and Crafts, a five-generation-old establishment, holding the torch of pioneering craftsmanship. Exploring this charming city unveils a captivating journey through the harmonious fusion of traditional and contemporary styles in the exquisite art of doll making.

Some doors lead to the pure bliss of art

Nothing beats the beauty of heartfelt appreciation

Five generations of fine craftsmanship

The hub of dolls and decor

Woods spilling the tales of gone days

From tops to yo-yos, they have it all

Spiderman: The Channapattana Universe

The place where trends meet the traditional

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