Love comes in various forms and there is no better example than that of a dog for it. They are the symbols of unconditional love and loyalty. Their glimmery eyes, waggy tails and affectionate hearts are the unbeatable form of love in this world. But do we love them back unconditionally?

To love and protect a dog, does not apply when it comes to the pet category. From stray to popular breeds, each of them requires love and care equally. Yet, the condition of stray dogs in many regions are pathetic and dreadful.

A wounded dog left unattended

According to the studies conducted by The Times of India in 2023, the city of Bengaluru is home for 2.8 lakh stray dogs. The number had fallen by 10% compared to the year 2019. The BBMP claims that they are providing ARV or Anti-Rabies Vaccines to the stray dogs on time. Still, is that enough for them?

Well, Nelagadderanahalli circle has a different answer to that question. HMT Layout and the outer areas of Nelagadderanahalli Circle is surrounded as well as protected by stray dogs. These dogs are fed and nurtured by the shop keepers and residents of these areas. While they rarely chase and cause slight inconveniences to the commuters, residents have accepted them like family. “They are never a problem for us. In fact, they are like our guards. They are friendly with our kids and they protect us like just another pet dog” says Shaila, a resident of Nelagadderanahalli Circle. “They do create some issues like that of chasing riders at times, but they never attacked any of us” added Dinesh, a coconut seller.

While the reaction of the localites was a pleasant surprise, the interiors of Nelagadderanahlli Circle had a different story to tell us. Manjunath, an auto driver from the circle threw light on the undiscovered plight of stray dogs in this area. He is a self-assigned care taker of stray dogs that are injured and unattended by others. While the authorities and residents stretch their love and care to the healthy ones out on the road, there are a few dogs that confine themselves in agony here.

An injured dog hiding out of fear

The conditions we keep in love come into picture here. These injured dogs are shooed away by the people who claim to love stray dogs as their own. These living beings are pushed away because of their horrible state. People are hesitant to feed or shelter them, afraid of infections from their wounds. While fortunately, Manjunath has taken up this task by himself for them. He feeds them and provides his auto as their shelter to sleep peacefully. “Either BBMP or some NGOs has to act for this. I am doing my best, but I am just a common man with his own limitations. There would be many like them in different places with broken bones and bleeding wounds. Please find them out and save them” requests Manjunath.

This is a proof that there is always a different side to every story. When everyone knew about the stray dog attacks, very few knew the story of these living in torment. Every hidden corner of our cities will have many like them and not all of them might have a Manjunath to take care of them.

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