Bangalore is famous for the unique food it feeds its visitors. However seasonal fruits are something we can only dream of once the time passes. Feeding unique cuisines are great, but what about being able to enjoy mangoes throughout a year irrespective of the season?

Sagar Since 1980 located in Rajaji Nagar, is the favourite spot for all the mango lovers in the city. Its signature mango juice and milkshake has swept the feet of the Bangaloreans. It is known as “the best mango juice in Bangalore”. This legacy that began in 1980 is a success   due to the innovative usage of mango pulp and natural preservation techniques.

The preserved mango pulps at Sagar

They extract mango pulp during the season and store it under controlled conditions, maintaining the fruits natural goodness. They use the preserved pulp as the base for the mango juice, recreating the authentic taste of fresh mangoes during the off seasons. The shop has crafted a unique preservation process that ensures the availability of their famous mango milkshake 365 days a year.

They operate with a commitment to deliver the essence of fresh mangoes.The mango season runs from April to June, and Sagar Since 1980 capitalises on this season. They source fresh and ripe mangoes available, which are then handpicked and skillfully blended to create refreshing mango juice. The drink is enhanced during summer season with additional mango slices as toppings, which makes it a great treat for those who love mangoes.

The store is selling its famous mango juice in two sizes where the small one costs 100 and the big one 160 rupees. They have been serving the best mango juice in Bangalore for over four decades now making it one of the oldest juice shop in Bangalore. This iconic destination for mango lovers, guarantees a sip of summer no matter the season.

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